Gina Geisel, product marketing manager, Engenio Storage Division, LSI Corporation (, says:

Consolidate and Virtualize
Organizations that have depended on direct-attach storage (DAS) may be finding themselves experiencing unnecessary spending on more inefficiently utilized drives, resulting in wasted IT resources by managing dispersed storage. Data protection vulnerabilities is also a concern with accessibility to drives dependent on the server it is attached to. Consolidation through storage networking offers an alternative to DAS which can substantially enable increased cost-savings, manageability and data protection by efficiently making use of drive and IT resources, as well ensuring high availability to data.

Additionally, virtual environments, which allow multiple applications and operating systems to run independently on a single or several physical server(s), can greatly increase the benefits of consolidated storage. With consolidate storage, virtual server images, applications and data can be centrally accessed providing lower storage acquisition costs and the ability to quickly respond to on-the-fly changes and requirements.