Data Center Equipment

– Jennifer Handshew, Executive Vice President, Media Relations, iMiller Public Relations, says:

As with everything, even data center equipment has a shelf life.  However, knowing when to repair, replace or upgrade equipment can save your company time, money and even valuable data.

Although data center facilities are typically designed to sustain a decade of use, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and cooling equipment reliability declines over time.  When the hardware in your mission-critical data center ages, you run the risk of unexpected system failure.  Electronic Environment Corporation’s (EEC) Engineering and Construction Manager, James Stark, P.E., recently addressed these issues in a webinar on June 24.  

During this webinar, Mr. Stark discusses the negative impact of aging equipment (e.g., reliability, increased maintenance and inefficiency), the factors that indicate equipment should be replaced, proactive measures you can take to ensure maximum uptime as well as predictive signs of failure such as capacitor leakage and high motor amperage.

In recent years, great advances in data center technology have increased uptime and reduced the amount of energy required for their usage.  Mr. Stark recommends considering measuring the input and the output of your systems’ power consumption as part of your preventative maintenance efforts/program. Trending this information over time will allow you to easily identify when a system needs to be upgraded or replaced.  The key takeaway to preventing equipment failure is constant, proactive monitoring.

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