Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMPR at FiberMedia Group (, says:

Data center customers are smarter than they used to be. Just a few years ago, with fewer facilities to choose from, data center providers offered the basic services – space, power, connectivity. Today the options are exponentially greater as evident by the November 29th greater New York data center conference being held in New York City. Organized in less than two months, the event expects to host more than 250 senior-level commercial real estate and technology service providers primarily from the greater New York area.

One such company, FiberMedia Group, is a host to five data center facilities in and around the New York Metro Area. The company’s CEO, Michael Bucheit is a featured participant on the day’s final panel taking place at 12:25pm titled: “Innovative Data Center Design and its Impact on Marketability, Management and Operations.” Other speakers include Arthur Pearson of Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, Sean P. Brady of Cushman & Wakefield, Michael Bucheit of FiberMedia Group, Dennis Julian of Integrated Design Group, Josh Rabina of Sentinel Data Centers and Brian Schafer of Highland Associates. FiberMedia is focused on improving the customer’s experience by providing a full array of solutions to help them grow. Within its data centers, FiberMedia provides a full array of managed services, network accessibility, cloud networking solutions as well as business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure businesses remain operational in the most dire circumstances.

The panelists are expected to discuss and analyze what makes an ‘asset’ marketable today from the perspective of repositioning traditional commercial real estate property to data centers, the importance of identifying new and unique fiber and other related data-infrastructure requirements to the cooling systems, electrical and power backup required to sustain the technology housed in the facilities.

The summit concludes at 1:30pm. For more information about the event visit