Brian Eichman is Director – Solution Architecture & Product Development at CoreSite, a real estate investment trust that invests in carrier-neutral data centers and provides colocation and peering services. CoreSite has 23 operational data centers in eight major communications markets across the United States, serves more than 1,350 customers and has a portfolio of more than 4.6 million of square feet.

Recently, DE-CIX caught up with Eichman to get some details on the company, its benefits and its plans for the future.

Secure, Reliable, High-performance Interconnection, Cloud and Colocation Solutions | CoreSite

1: Tell us about CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange® and the benefits of the new relationship with DE-CIX North America.

“The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) is our fastest-growing interconnection product and is an on-demand Ethernet platform that enables private, virtual connections between enterprises, networks, and cloud services. This includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud, and now DE-CIX.”

2: What is the driver for CoreSite’s development of the Open Cloud Exchange, and what do you hope it will do for your customers?

“CoreSite continues to innovate our interconnection solutions, and the OCX — coupled with the native cloud onramps and peering exchanges deployed within our campuses — differentiates CoreSite from our competitors and delivers exceptional value to customers.” 

3: What type of training, if any, would be required to utilize CoreSite’s private online portal for real-time provisioning?

The OCX is a simple-to-use online portal, and customers can request a demonstration with the CoreSite Customer Service team or receive instructions by request at” 

4: What types of businesses could benefit from this new DE-CIX partnership, and how do CoreSite’s customers benefit?

“The OCX offers a range of benefits for enterprises, along with cloud and network service providers. With the new relationship between CoreSite and DE-CIX, customers benefit by having additional points of access to the DE-CIX peering community, multi-service capabilities supporting both Layer 2 direct cloud interconnection and Layer 3 Internet peering, simplified and rapid provisioning, and reduced total cost of ownership.”

5: Share a quick example of how customers today are leveraging and benefiting from CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange.

“Enterprises and service providers are leveraging the OCX to deploy multi-region and multi-cloud WAN architectures. The OCX improves network performance and reduces latency by as much as 60%, simplifies and accelerates network provisioning from weeks to minutes, and allows service providers to expand their addressable market by offering secure, dedicated connectivity to a national ecosystem of customers.”

6: What is the process to request connectivity to DE-CIX through the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange?

“Simply access the OCX service within the MyCoreSite customer portal and create a new virtual connection to DE-CIX.”

7: How can customers request connectivity to the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange?

“To get started, customers access the MyCoreSite customer portal and order new OCX port(s). Both 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports are supported and will be activated within three business days.”

8: What would you like our readers to know about CoreSite? 

“With CoreSite data centers and interconnection solutions, customers have access to the ideal environment and components they need to transform and optimize for digital business with the most agile, dynamic infrastructure that can be adapted as business requirements change.”

9: Who can we attribute this response to? (name, title/position)

Brian Eichman, Director – Solution Architecture & Product Development

10: What links can we include in our write-up to help readers connect with you, learn about your services/solutions and more? 

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