Tell us about DE-CIX’s new point of presence (PoP) in NYI’s data center facility in the 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel and the benefits of this expanded partnership between DE-CIX and NYI.

We are excited to have DE-CIX available within our 60 Hudson Street data center as it allows us to offer powerful connectivity options. With network demands rising from digital transformation, IoT, AI and other edge applications, we’re happy to be able to help people easily and cost-effectively connect domestically and internationally. With the DE-CIX PoP, NYI clients have access to more than 200 locally peered networks through a single cross connect. Additionally, clients can extend their global reach by leveraging DE-CIX’s GlobePEER Remote, which offers remote peering across global DE-CIX sites, including Frankfurt, Madrid, Istanbul and beyond. The value of peering exchanges is evident at times when communication and collaboration are critical, something we are seeing right now with significant increases in network traffic related to the covid-19 pandemic.

Please tell us about NYI’s high-touch managed capabilities and where will this lead into the future?

It is clear that the industry is increasingly moving toward a hybrid infrastructure model that offers a mix of solutions to address different application considerations such as security, lifecycle maturity and more. It can be challenging, however, to sift through the many options and identify the optimal solution. That’s where a company like NYI can really help – not only in assisting businesses with figuring out the most efficient and cost-effective way to proceed, but also in implementing whatever is needed from both a compute and networking perspective. NYI’s hybrid solutions cover the gamut from bare metal, to private cloud, to public or multi-cloud, and our plethora of SDN-based network and interconnection tools and solutions, along with strategic partnerships ensure high levels of performance and optimization.

What makes NYI unique in its operations compared to others in this industry? Who are NYI’s primary customers?

In an industry that is increasingly populated by impersonal service providers, NYI focuses on delivering high-touch services and a seamless customer experience. Since we got started over twenty-four years ago, we have consistently put client requirements first and delivered customized solutions, rather than pursuing a cookie-cutter approach. And we believe foremost in the importance of human connections. This means the lasting relationships we form with our clients and partners as well as the “teaming” culture we foster throughout our organization. Our many long-term clients will testify to the value we place on building intelligent, transparent, consultative relationships.

Our customers are primarily small to medium-sized enterprises across a range of industries in which security, regulatory compliance, low-latency and custom solutions are critical. Customers benefit from our high-touch managed services and our ability to fill capability gaps and act as an extension of the client’s team. In the case of international companies, for instance, clients benefit from our ability to help them quickly establish a US presence by handling everything from logistics to deployment and remote monitoring and maintenance.

What do you see as the future of NYI? What goals are you trying to accomplish moving forward?

Our industry is constantly evolving and NYI is evolving with it to support the needs of our clients. With digital transformation and the rise of edge solutions, our clients are looking for a range of hybrid cloud solutions along with low-latency connectivity. Over the last two years we have therefore focused on providing clients with access to the large-scale infrastructure they may need along with powerful connectivity options. This strategy has led us to make metro-area acquisitions in New York City and in Chicago where, we have developed and continue to develop strong partnerships with companies like DataGryd and ServerFarm, so that we are able to offer not only our signature managed services but also – access to unparalleled infrastructure and limitless connectivity and scale. We expect to continue to replicate this focus in other geographic areas. We recently entered a partnership, for instance, with South Reach Networks in Miami, which will support the growth of businesses in the Miami and Latin American markets.

In terms of the future, as the world we live in transforms and new demands arise along with new infrastructure options, we are committed to meeting the changing needs of our clients by evolving our role as “facility” operator to “facilitator.” In other words, our goal is to help our clients by becoming a true connector of dots from a capability perspective, whether that is on the hybrid compute level or on the network level. We will do this by building relevant tools and solutions for the deployment, management and maintenance of our customer’s interconnection and facilities-based services and by continuing to grow our ecosystem of trusted partnerships in order to serve more geographic locations, both domestically and internationally.

What would you like for our readers to know about NYI? (something they may not already know)

NYI is committed to making infrastructure deployment easier and less costly for clients. To this end we have developed some new network and interconnection solutions including  NYI Cross Connect Fabric (CCF) and NYI Smart PoP. For businesses burdened by the high costs of interconnections, NYI CCF provides an affordable, efficient and intuitive way to provision and managed interconnects within and between datacenters, carriers, content providers and other end points. The NYI Smart PoP program is designed for international businesses looking to quickly establish a market presence in the US. The program can be handled 100% remotely which is an advantage during this time of restricted travel. Businesses can simply white-label NYI infrastructure capabilities and seamlessly and cost-effectively establish a PoP in key metro areas such as New York, Chicago and Miami.

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