By Joanna Styczen, Director of Technical Writing, iMiller Public Relations

imagesWe’re in the midst of an interconnection revolution.  Interconnection 1.0, as many industry experts call the antiquated interconnection technique, requires companies to build into data centers all around the world in order to directly connect to the international organizations they wanted to reach.  Once there, these companies need to manually provision, manage and monitor the connections.  This method of interconnection requires seasoned architects with in-depth routing and configuration knowledge, as well as the ability to manage a global network 24x7x365.  While Interconnection 1.0 may provide companies with a private highway for data transfer, they still need to know how to drive to enable effective transportation.

A company named IIX Inc. has created Console, a revolutionary new platform that automates the interconnection process, transforming the “private highway” with what is essentially a self-driving car.  The platform enables enterprises to directly connect to cloud infrastructure providers, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and other business-critical partners no matter where they are located, ushering in a new interconnection era: Interconnection 2.0.  Console makes it simple for enterprises and companies like LinkedIn, BOX, ZenDesk, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to interconnect.  By bypassing the public Internet and ensuring a direct connection by way of dedicated virtual routers and advanced interconnection technology, the platform also enables better performance, latency and security – and its success speaks for itself.

imgresIIX recently announced it has obtained $26 million in Series B funding.  Coupled with the $10M secured in its Series A round in 2014, the global software-defined interconnection firm’s $36M total A+B funding capital will be used to grow its team across all departments – not just network engineering and software, expand its customer base in North America and EMEA, and accelerate expansion throughout APAC, adding more Points of Presence (PoPs) to its existing network of 150+ data centers across the globe.  According to IIX CEO Al Burgio, the company will also shed its “stealth mode” status and focus on a more aggressive marketing strategy in 2016.

Led by Formation 8, this round also saw participation from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), AME Cloud Ventures, and prominent venture capitalists, technology investors and executives including Drew Perkins and Rajiv Ramaswami.  “We were offered well beyond what we decided to take in,” commented Burgio when asked about the funding and caliber of investors.  He also cited common chemistry and parallel vision as IIX’s key criteria for selecting investors.

We’ve reached a point where the partners, providers and customers we want to reach no longer all exist in one building.  IIX and its Console platform are removing the complexity from global connectivity, enabling companies to safely, securely and efficiently connect to their key stakeholders with a click of a button.

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