By Jamie White, Community Manager, Data Center POST

PacketFabric, the fully automated, highly scalable Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, was born from a vision of people being able to connect with others seamlessly and easily. In a video interview at PTC 2020 in Hawaii, Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development Jezzibell Gilmore perfectly stated, “Our lives are about connections with each other. We need to be able to make connections to support each other.” For PacketFabric, this industry is about more than just making money; their success is dependent on them helping others in the industry, and they’ve done just that. PacketFabric has successfully accomplished its goal of making the network easy to consume — not just for big businesses, but for small businesses as well. Their lower-tier service offer is ideal for smaller customers, creating a solution for all businesses at many different price levels.  

To continue enhancing their service,  PacketFabric is now taking their connections even further, as they have already started expanding into Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Auckland. With PacketFabric team members all over the globe, you would think that it would be difficult to stay cohesive, however, this team has it all down. While they focus on connecting people as a business, they also excel at connecting their own people within the business. PacketFabric’s team communication goes unsurpassed because they have a collaborative culture where they are very specific in what they do, how they do it, and how they effectively communicate with each other to achieve these goals together as a team. The truth really is that “Teamwork is at the heart of every great achievement – John C. Maxwell”. 

About the Author

Jamie White is the Community Manager for Data Center POST and cloudPOST. She has worked as a journalist in television, newspaper, and radio, as well as being a contributing/blog writer across various industries. She also has 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry working for such companies as Rackspace and Dell. In her free time, it’s all about family, enjoying hiking, cheering on her kids in soccer and swim, and being a philanthropist.