Data Analytics

Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder, Compuverde, says:

Compuverde, the Big Data storage solution for service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises, today announced its research project with the Stanford University computer science department aimed at designing, developing and delivering a Big Data analytics solution for intuitive use throughout the enterprise environment.

Big Data is exploding in popularity as organizations seek ways to extract actionable insights from user behavior patterns. Yet too many solutions are overly technical and difficult to use for the non-technical business teams that would benefit from them. Our research team has focused on integrating an easy-to-use data analytics platform into our software-defined storage solution with the goal of producing a Big Data solution that is efficient, easy to use and powerful enough for all departments within the enterprise.

The goal of the project is to develop a user analytics solution built on top of Compuverde’s software-defined storage solution that can be used easily by marketing, finance and other non-technical enterprise teams.

Enterprises are seeking ways to capitalize on Big Data analytics, yet can be thwarted by overtly technical solutions that make actionable insights difficult to achieve outside of the IT department.  The project – the second collaboration with Stanford students and the first to address data analytics – was showcased at the Stanford Software Faire on Monday, June 9th.

Compuverde’s software-defined storage does away with the need for expensive hardware. By bringing reliability and performance to the software level, telcos, service providers and large enterprises are able to use lower-energy, high-performance flash drives throughout the data center to reap massive gains in speed.