Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder, Compuverde, says:

Earlier this year, Compuverde announced a partnership with Stanford University to mentor computer science students enrolled in CS210, a course designed to offer real-world software project experience with corporate partners. Compuverde recognizes that students transitioning to professional careers must focus on the technology issues shaping the future, such as finding a way to store Big Data at scale.  These students worked closely with Compuverde staff, throughout the semester, gaining real-world insight into developing software solutions that combat existing business problems. 

Corporate participation in this program introduced CS210 students to real-world challenges and opportunities in ways that are difficult to replicate in a traditional academic environment. Once these students reach a certain level of skill and proficiency in computer science, the most effective knowledge they can gain moving forward is through the application of these skills to challenges plaguing the industry today. 

At the semester’s conclusion the students showcased the final product at the Stanford Software Faire.  The Stanford Software Faire offers students the chance to present live demonstrations of their capstone projects before visitors from the industry and the financial community. The Compuverde team’s project was in response to industry demand for solutions that solve the storage and data retention problems facing major private and public organizations operating in today’s global economy.

Stanford is positioning its students to solve the technology problems of tomorrow. The company is very proud of the students we worked with and know that they will enter the job market with a keen appreciation of the data center storage and cost containment challenges facing the market. Compuverde supports the efforts of all innovators seeking to solve some of the industry’s most entrenched problems surrounding storage, data resiliency and virtual machine environments.

Stanford is recognized as a worldwide leader for developing today’s brightest computer science talent and we feel very honored to have had the opportunity to work closely with these students.  The Compuverde team hopes our collaboration this semester not only contributed to their success with the project, but also resulted in knowledge and insight they will carry over into their future endeavors as well. 

About the Author:

Stefan Bernbo is the founder and CEO of Compuverde. For 20 years, Stefan has designed and built numerous enterprise scale data storage solutions designed to be cost effective for storing huge data sets. From 2004 to 2010 Stefan worked within this field for Storegate, the wide-reaching Internet based storage solution for consumer and business markets, with the highest possible availability and scalability requirements. Previously, Stefan has worked with system and software architecture on several projects with Swedish giant Ericsson, the world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators.