cloud file sharing

cloud file sharing

Cloud File Sharing

Bill Ho, president, Biscom, says:

Cloud File Sharing – According to Gartner’s MarketScope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, February 2013, “Security, compliance and management are top priorities for IT organizations in enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS), as well as in MDM (mobile device management).” The report goes on to say that organizations planning BYOD policies should include file synchronization and sharing requirements in conjunction with MDM.

What should organizations look for when evaluating a file transfer service?

  • Quick, easy, and secure. Organizations using a cloud solution still expect the same enterprises features that an on-premises server provides – a way to quickly, simply, and very securely share documents.
  • Hosted solution. Many companies focus on their core business – and ancillary and IT functions are often supported by vendors or partners. Hosted services provide the functionality without the complexities and IT staffing required for on-premises solutions. They are usually fast to deploy and easy to scale up or down based on needs. .
  • Information security a must. Regardless of the deployment choice an organization makes, the security of the information is vital. SMBs want to be able to confidently, easily, and securely transfer documents from any browser and mobile device. Be certain the service provides a secure and encrypted environment.
  • Necessary Product Features:
    • Security from end to end – encryption that is enabled in transit and at rest
    • Email notifications when your files are accessed and downloaded
    • Limited or no capital expenditures
    • No operational impact on IT staff

Additionally, organizations looking to get started with a secure file transfer solution want to be able to quickly sign up and send files within minutes. As their file transfer needs grow, they also want the flexibility to upgrade to an on-premises system that will support unlimited scalability in the file size of transfers, without file retention restrictions and a system that offers complete control over SFT configuration and policies, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the application.

As companies of all sizes look for tools that will help them securely share files and collaborate on projects, whether it’s required for compliance reasons, adoption of best practices, or showing your commitment to protecting the confidential and sensitive of your clients, SFT can help meet those demands.

Bill Ho is president of Biscom, a leader in secure document management. Every day millions of users and thousands of enterprises rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions. The company recently introduced Biscom SecureMail for the SMB market.

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