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rakesh mistry

Rakesh Mistry, Marketing Manager with Rack Wizards, says:

The amount of personal and business data stored on our computers is increasing, leaving businesses and users looking for an easier way to back up their data. With the increased importance placed on data, there is an increased need for the backup of data on a daily basis.

For those who already back up their data using an online service you know full well the benefits of doing this. However, if you do not currently back up online, here are some things  to consider:

Provides Offsite Storage – Imagine if you backed up all your data to an external hardware device and there was a disaster (fire/flood), how would you retrieve your data? It’s safe to say you would not be able to. Keeping your external backups in the same vicinity is not a good idea. This is why online backup is ideal for business.

Automated Service – One of the main reasons why consumers fail to carry out a backup is that they have to manually carry this procedure out or call the tech support guy. This is one of the many reasons why businesses should transfer to an online backup service. Using backup schedulers, you can predetermine when y our backups will take place. Incremental backup, which is a backup strategy that copies new data or changes made to already-backed-up data, is a common and very effective approach.

Ease of Use –Backup services are simple in design so it is easy for consumers to use these services and back up their data. Some backup services provide a simplified data backup service and design with comprehensive support.

Heightened Security – Many home and business users keep their private confidential information on unsecure external backups. What happens if this sensitive information is lost or stolen? Remote backup’s lowers risk of data theft by using encryption and security measures to ensure that no one can access your data.

No matter what, you will always have a backup. Your backup is created daily and stored outside of your home/business.  If you lose your data, you can retrieve it with a click of a button. Online backups run in the background and the best thing is you pay a low monthly subscription, which is cost effective as it saves the consumer from purchasing hardware or servers to back up their data. You can retrieve your backup at the click of a button, at any location, any time you need it.