In September 2020, DC BLOX announced its plans to construct a major regional data center located in Greenville County, SC as part of the essential infrastructure enabling business throughout the Southeastern United States. Six months later, construction has officially begun at the Greenville-Spartanburg site. 

The first phase of construction is scheduled for completion by the third quarter of 2021 and is a first-of-its-kind facility for the region. Designed to Uptime Institute’s Tier III standards, the facility will protect Controlled Unclassified Information for enterprises and government entities throughout South Carolina. The multi-tenant data center will offer connections to DC BLOX’s carrier-grade mesh network connectivity ecosystem, connecting it to the DC BLOX portfolio of data centers in Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Chattanooga, TN; and Huntsville, AL. The initial phase will support 1MW of critical IT load, matching recent capacity expansions in the Birmingham, AL data center. 

This comes after just having announced a $187 M investment with long-term financing from Post Road Group and Bain Capital Credit. The funds will be used to refinance existing credit facilities, add liquidity, and provide capital for continued investments and expanded data center capacity. DC BLOX has been one of the few data center companies to receive substantial investments for the development of mid-market and edge multi-tenant data center solutions, demonstrating trust in the strategic vision and leadership of DC BLOX.

The Greenville-Spartanburg data center comes perfectly timed as digital transformation initiatives accelerate across the industries. Organizations across the Carolinas and North Georgia have increasingly demanded access to a Tier III data center that can deliver reliability, security, cost-efficiency, and expertise that can assist in their strategic planning. The new facility is located on an 8.5-acre campus in the Global Business Park just off of I-85. When complete, the facility will comprise six 54,000 square feet halls of data center space, capable of supporting 18MW of critical load. It will also feature 7,000 square feet of secure storage and office spaces. 

Initially, the data center will bring five new, high-paying positions to the community. It is expected that DC BLOX, in combination with their tenant customers, will invest $200 M into the local economy, the largest single investment reported by the Greenville Area Development Corporation within the last five years. Willis Meadows, Greenville County Council Chairman and Greenville Area Development Corporation Board Member said that: “This new data center will help Greenville County accelerate economic growth and build on our reputation as a world-class technology destination. DC BLOX is a welcome addition to our community.” DC BLOX focuses on building its data center locations in smaller, growing cities to ensure data connectivity and scalability as demand increases.

Throughout the development of this essential piece of infrastructure in the Southeastern US, companies will benefit from the improved connectivity to global networks. As the first facility of its kind in South Carolina, the DC BLOX data center will offer scalability, connectivity, and accessibility to a broad set of network services.