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Bluebird Network’s Underground Data Center is changing the industry in connectivity, sustainability, and operations protection. Located 85 feet below ground in Springfield, Missouri, the Bluebird Underground (BBU) data center sits in a limestone cavern. The subterranean facility offers a range of advantages, including enhanced security, environmental benefits, and optimized energy efficiency.

Protection from all natural and manmade disasters

Because of BBU’s underground location below the Earth’s surface, it is inherently protected from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, their discreet location provides an additional layer of physical security against any potential manmade threats.

In the event of a natural disaster, Bluebird supports customers through the event with their “remote hands” service. Professional technicians are available for both planned and emergency activities for equipment within the Bluebird Underground Data Center facility 24/7/365. Bluebird’s experts can effectively plan installation and maintenance activities during disasters, allowing everyone to react more efficiently to emergencies. This also reduces travel time to and from the data center and improves uptime even during adverse weather conditions.

Energy-efficient climate control

Consistently rising temperatures make cooling in data centers a challenging problem. BBU’s subterranean location maintains a constant year-round temperature of 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit and a fixed humidity point, providing a low-energy consuming way to cool IT equipment. Data centers are notorious for their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Bluebird Network is able to limit these naturally, reducing energy demand and maintenance, which translates into lower operational costs and a greener footprint, contributing to both economic and environmental sustainability. This inherently unique containment solution also helps with airflow.

Closed loop water cooling system

BBU uses an environmentally friendly closed-loop water cooling system, which keeps their equipment cool while adding zero waste or stress to local water infrastructure. Redundant cooling units and a chilled water delivery system ensure temperature and humidity set points.

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