Aqua Comms, a leading provider of global subsea connectivity services, has recently announced a partnership with NYI, a prominent provider of hybrid infrastructure and interconnection services. This collaboration enables Aqua Comms to offer its customers cost-effective access to an extensive global interconnection ecosystem. By expanding its interconnection capabilities in the United States, Aqua Comms aims to cater to the growing demands of international carriers, cloud-based networks, and industries relying on high-performance, low-latency networks. This press release highlights the strategic locations and benefits of the partnership, emphasizing the advantages it brings to Aqua Comms’ customers.

Expanding Interconnection Capabilities in the United States
Aqua Comms has strategically chosen two interconnection facilities in New York to enhance its services. The first facility is Long Island Interconnect (formerly 1025 Connect) in Westbury, Long Island, which is situated near the Shirley cable landing station where Aqua Comms’ AEC-1 trans-Atlantic cable lands. The facility plays a pivotal role in Aqua Comms’ U.S. offering, serving as the connection point for this advanced ‘next-generation’ undersea cable system linking the U.S., Ireland, and the UK. It also provides access to Aqua Comms’ AEC-2 and AEC-3 trans-Atlantic systems, extending connectivity to Ireland, the UK, and the Nordics. This facility is an attractive and versatile hub for carriers, enterprises, and data centers looking to expand their network reach.

The second facility, NYI-QTD1, is a joint venture between NYI and QTD Systems, located at 60 Hudson Street in New York City, one of the city’s original carrier hotels. Formerly known as Equinix NY8, this facility offers Aqua Comms customers near limitless connectivity at reasonable costs and provides access to over 300 carriers through NYI’s robust in-building conduit system. This partnership expands the options available within the New York interconnection ecosystem, benefiting both Aqua Comms and NYI’s existing customers.

Benefits of the Partnership

Aqua Comms’ partnership with NYI allows the company to leverage NYI’s expertise and capabilities in the New York metro area. As a smaller, agile interconnection provider, NYI offers Aqua Comms a flexible and cost-effective way to access a broad ecosystem of interconnection capabilities. By working with a local partner, Aqua Comms can achieve efficiencies and connect the dots, enabling them to deliver affordable solutions to their customers. This collaboration supports not only the carrier community but also various end users across industries, providing them with enhanced connectivity options and access to Aqua Comms’ trans-Atlantic subsea cable capabilities.

The partnership between Aqua Comms and NYI signifies an expansion of interconnection capabilities in the United States. Aqua Comms’ customers can now enjoy cost-effective access to a global interconnection ecosystem through the strategic locations of the Long Island Interconnect and NYI-QTD1 facilities. This collaboration allows Aqua Comms to meet the evolving demands of international carriers, cloud-based networks, and industries that rely on high-performance networks. By leveraging NYI’s expertise and infrastructure, Aqua Comms can provide its customers with affordable solutions and enable them to expand their network reach. This partnership brings added value to both Aqua Comms and NYI’s existing customers, creating new options within the New York interconnection ecosystem and enabling enhanced connectivity on a global scale.

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