Bluebird Network, a communication infrastructure provider and operator of two data centers, announced that Sue Schaefer, Director of Business Development has been listed in this year’s Capacity Media’s 20 Women to Watch. Every year Capacity Media celebrates 20 women in the wholesale telecommunications sector who achieve massive results in their respective industries. 

Acknowledged for her dedicated leadership, Sue has devoted her career to helping businesses achieve their goals and reach new heights. With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Sue manages Bluebird Network’s strategic initiatives. Her sound leadership and attention to detail plays an important role in Bluebird’s fiber network expansion, colocation services and data center growth, and prestigious customer service. 

Jason Boedeker, co-owner and founder of DataTenant, a hybrid and managed cloud services provider; says Bluebird’s customer service is paramount and drives success for DataTenant. Bluebird doesn’t shy away from getting technical, noting it offers carrier-grade networking into and out of their data centers.

This and the many more customer accolades are examples of the values Schaefer displays every day, both in practice and as an example for the team she leads at Bluebird. Sue exudes Bluebird’s core values including going above and beyond for customers. She oversees the contracting department, ensuring that each customer has the core documentation ready and easily accessible and finding other ways to make the onboarding process of becoming a Bluebird customer seamless.

Sue’s ability to lead while operating with the highest integrity with a commitment to ethics is realized through the company’s effective expansions and customer accolades cited above.

On top of Sue’s professional successful endeavors, she is also very passionate about her charitable endeavors. At the onset of the pandemic, Sue led the company’s food bank initiative. She continues her Fellowship with the Pipeline Entrepreneurial program, a state-sponsored technology fellowship that mentors inspiring women of all ages to pursue their goals, ambitions and ideas. 

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