At the beginning of January 2021, DE-CIX Chicago – which was announced in late 2020 – began to unveil the locations of its platform available throughout Chicago.  A key partner in the market, 365 Data Centers emerged as a key interconnection location.  As it turns out, DE-CIX became the first multi-service interconnection platform, with peering, cloud connectivity and global reach to be offered directly from 365 Data Centers in Chicago.  As a result, 365 Data Centers’ customers gain native access to a neutral interconnection platform for VLAN connectivity to reach global carriers, ISPs, content, cloud, and other networks through a single port.  Data Center POST reached out to Colleen Corey, Marketing Coordinator at 365 Data Centers to learn more.  Read our interview with Colleen and learn more below.

DCP-Question: Tell us about your relationship with DE-CIX Chicago and their platform capabilities at 365 Data Centers located at 427 S. LaSalle in Chicago.

Colleen Corey (CC)-Answer: One of 365 Data Centers’ primary facilities, the Chicago Data Center, was one of the initial DE-CIX sites (in that market). Our relationship with DE-CIX increases capabilities for our network and expands local connectivity in the Chicago region and the central United States. 

DCP: How does your partnership/relationship with DE-CIX enhance connectivity for customer networks? Can you provide an example?

CC-Answer: The 365 Data Centers and DE-CIX partnership is valuable to our customer base because we can utilize the relationship to provide customers increased capacity locally. In addition, the partnership increases capacity and connectivity to other markets as well as remote capabilities in other major regions around the globe. 

DCP: What makes your company’s relationship with DE-CIX unique, and how are you planning on integrating their multi-service platform capabilities into your service offerings?

CC-Answer: DE-CIX is a strong partner with us in several of the 365 Data Centers’ markets including the North East, Chicago Region, and the New York Region. The DE-CIX relationship helps us become a unique service provider for customers by allowing us to offer services through DE-CIX that cannot be found elsewhere. This allows us to present our customers with the most robust connectivity possible. 

DCP: What do you see as the future of interconnection? What are your company’s interconnection goals moving forward?

CC-Answer: Interconnection is the basis of all internet connectivity – all major networks interconnect. As smaller networks grow, they become more aware of the importance of interconnection. We are starting to see an increasing number of small and medium networks join interconnection. . As partnerships continue, the interconnection community will continue to grow and expand which is beneficial for all, including DE-CIX and 365 Data Centers

DCP: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

CC-Answer: 365 Data Centers is a leading network-centric colocation provider operating 13 carrier-neutral data centers located in strategically located, primarily edge markets. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes secure and reliable edge colocation, nationwide network connectivity, cloud compute and storage, DRaaS, BaaS, and business continuity services. We have a worldwide footprint and strong interconnection capabilities globally. At 365, we are active believers of peering and interconnection and are strong backers of the interconnection community.

It was a pleasure to hear from Colleen and learn more about 365 Data Centers and their global facilities and vision of interconnection. Readers interested to learn more about the company can visit

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