Bluebird Network’s Director of Network and Systems Architecture, Jade Kerr, was recently invited to speak at the Optical Networking Digital Symposium on May 27th. Jade was one of four panelists who answered a number of questions surrounding the main topic of Optical Networks for the Service Provider Edge. 

One of the interesting questions Jade and the other panelists were asked was, “How is the edge changing to meet key challenges such as the explosion in traffic bandwidth, the need for low latency connections and the demand for differentiated services?” 

When answering the question Jade shared, “At large, our edge is evolving through transformation into coherent networking ubiquitously across our footprint. We presently have ROADM enabled throughout nearly all of our footprint for service flexibility and touchless provisioning and service instantiation. We’re also introducing OTN into both the edge and core of our networks, so we can groom and aggregate lower speed services onto higher speed wavelengths, and conserve bandwidth in the core and into the access edge from grooming of services on 200 gig wavelengths.”  

According to Jade, Bluebird provides services to customers who may only need 10 gigs at times, allowing the company more flexibility to provide any service anywhere in the Midwest, which is key to Bluebird’s success for selling and maintaining critical services. He continues by mentioning that Bluebird is achieving this through the deployment of supportive coherent networking across their footprint to route diverse traffic. 

Jade and the other panelists were able to answer more questions from the audience. To get more insight from Jade and other industry leaders, access the event which is now available on demand.