A one-on-one with Raul Martynek, CEO of DataBank about DE-CIX Dallas’ PoP in their DFW1 Data Center

Data Center POST asked Raul Martynek, CEO of DataBank, to weigh in on what it means to have DE-CIX, the operator of the world’s leading carrier-neutral Internet Exchanges available in its Dallas, DFW1, data center.  Raul was forthcoming with his responses and highlighted the benefits of how DE-CIX Dallas enriches not only DataBank’s facility and service offerings but the market as a whole.  Read below for Raul’s interview about DE-CIX Dallas and DataBank’s facilities. 

Tell us about your relationship with DE-CIX and their capabilities for DataBank’s Dallas data center.

DataBank hosts a DE-CIX PoP at its DFW1 location in the heart of Dallas. The PoP allows networks colocated in DataBank’s multiple Dallas area facilities the ability to connect directly to DE-CIX’s Dallas IX.  Enabling reach to over 60 networks, this partnership with DE-CIX offers DataBank customers a secure way to leverage connections to a leading carrier-neutral platform with the most cost-effective and efficient interconnection options available in the market. In addition to our downtown location, networks can also access DE-CIX Dallas from our Richardson and Plano data centers, providing true metro diversity as well. 

How does your partnership with DE-CIX Dallas enhance connectivity for single-site networks? Can you provide an example?

The partnership allows single-site networks to operate as if they have a much further reach. For example, network operators can reach DE-CIX Dallas cost-effectively via a standard cross connect at any of the ever-growing number of data center facilities throughout the local market. In addition, networks throughout the entire Southwest that currently lack a presence in Dallas can access DE-CIX via transport connections and benefit from peering, enhancing connectivity throughout the region.

What makes DataBank different and how does it provide diversity compared to others in this industry?

At DataBank, we believe there is a different edge to be served: second-tier markets with dense populations consuming lots of content; research and educational institutions with significant computing resource needs; and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems developing the technologies and applications of tomorrow. We call this the “middle edge” and it’s found in cities like Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and Atlanta – markets traditionally underserved by the commercial data center industry – and it’s where we are acquiring, building and operating the data centers that will become the first step for many in their journey to the edge. This allows us to focus on our additional goal of providing local service with national reach. We make our expert people, solutions and resources available locally, to help you move faster, gain clarity, and increase security.  

What do you see as the future of DataBank? What goals are you trying to accomplish moving forward?

If we imagine that interconnection data centers are effectively the “meet me rooms” of a metro area, and the long-haul fiber paths into and out of those data centers are the “Points of Entry” for that market, it stands to reason that on this macro scale we need the same level of diversity. Within a given metropolitan market, redundant interconnection locations and diverse long-haul fiber access must be available in order to provide the market level diversity our industry is accustomed to at the micro-level. That’s not always the case, and it has the potential to slow the development of the edge for all providers and users. We want to have a continued presence in our secondary markets, scaling as we see the need grow. We are also looking to make a difference in what we see as underserved markets, and investing heavily in these underserved markets, helping to provide 5G capabilities. There’s a new type of player and platform required in terms of infrastructure and services and there are markets that are not being served right now. DataBank wants to be the “early adopter” and be there for the long haul. We are disrupting the “Tier 1” mentality and working the “edge” with 20 data centers in nine secondary markets. And we are looking forward to potential new announcements as well. 

What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about DataBank?

We are hyper focused with our services which offer differentiators in three key areas: data protection, managed security and compliance.  Our compliance designations are robust and include: FedRAMP/FISMA, ITAR, HIPAA, SSAE-18, GDPR Privacy Shield, PCI-DSS and many more. 

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