Data Center POST had the opportunity to connect with Fabiola Bordino, Head of Sustainability and Marketing at Start Campus. Start Campus is leading the way in the implementation of 100% green energy ecosystems for the data center industry. With over 10 years of experience, Fabiola has been instrumental in moving Start Campus towards their goal of a carbon-free footprint by 2028. Learn more about the green initiatives and exciting new projects Start Campus will be discussing at PTC’23 in Fabiola’s interview below. 

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: What does participating in PTC’23 mean to your company?

Fabiola Bordino, Head of Sustainability and Marketing (FB) Answer: Participating in PTC’23 means that we will be joining a community of industry professionals and global organizations committed to expanding and improving global digital infrastructure to support the future of our data-driven world.  It is an opportunity to connect with old and new colleagues and to share and learn about how we can work together, as a collective industry, to continue to change the world for the better.  We are particularly excited to hear about the latest trends, ideas and developments, as well as sharing and learning with other thought leaders in the industry. 

DCP Q: What products/services/locations/other are you excited to share at the PTC’23 conference? 

FB A: Start Campus is excited to share updates on our SINES Project, a 495 MW campus that – when complete – will be one of the largest Hyperscaler data center ecosystems with 100% green energy. Our location in Portugal, about 150 km from Lisbon, is one of Europe’s most exciting emerging digital hubs. Located at the western edge of Europe on the Atlantic Ocean, Sines is an emerging cable landing point due to its unique access that connects Europe, Africa, and the Americas. 

DCP Q: As you think about PTC’23, what business goal is most important to you and why?

FB A: Our SINES Project is one of the largest and most sustainable data center developments currently underway in the world. Our goal at PTC’23 is to ensure that all of the relevant hyperscalers, data center operators, REITs, investors, and network operators in Europe, North America and Africa, including subsea, Internet Exchange, and terrestrial service providers, are aware of what we are doing and why it’s so important (and unique). The SINES Project is specifically designed to ensure an operational PUE of 1.1 when complete, and our innovative use of old technology is serving as an inspiration to other operators striving to solve the energy challenges and sustainability requirements of the next generation of data center developments. We are excited to meet with our customers, partners, vendors and prospects to share deeper insights into what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why it’s so formidable for the industry.

DCP Q: How can people meet or learn more about you at PTC’23 (or after)?

FB A: To schedule a meeting, attendees can email our team at

To learn more about Start Campus, visit: 

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

FB A: To help the future workforce sustainability of our project – and shed light on the greater industry – we launched the GAMMA Community Platform, an annual initiative that will support community projects in Sines and Santiago do Cacém, Portugal. In the first edition of the program, we are allocating 100 thousand euros to projects that bring concrete benefits to the community of the region that hosts Start Campus operations. People, organizations or companies with proposals for transformative projects focused on local communities can apply for financial support. In addition to funding the winning projects, Start Campus is providing technical support to ensure these projects effectively reach their goals of benefiting the community. 

If you want to learn more about PTC’23, please visit: The event takes place January 15-18, 2023 in Honolulu, HI – registration is still open for those interested in attending. 

To learn more about Start Campus, visit here

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