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Duke Robertson, from Chatsworth Products shares a few best practices for fiber optic cable installation in your data center.

The National Electric Contractors Association (NECA), along with the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) jointly developed the NECA/FOA 301-2009 Standard for Installing and Testing Fiber Optics, which addresses the emergent demands that fiber optic cables present in technology environments. The Safety and Installation sections of the NECA/FOA 301-2009 use Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Electric Code (NEC) regulations to address the proper handling of fiber optic cables during installation and maintenance.

If you are considering using fiber optic cables in your data center, take a moment to review a selection of these procedures:

Before Installation:

  • Allow for future growth in the quantity and size of cables when determining the size of the pathway bend radius requirements.
  • Try to complete the installation in one pull. Prior to any installation, assess the route carefully to determine the methods of installation and obstacles likely to be encountered.

Optical Fiber Cables are more susceptible to damage during the stress of installation, therefore there are two specifications for bend radii—Bend Radii before installation and Bend Radii after installation. See the table below for estimating proper bend radii:

Use Pulling At Rest
To Work Area (1 to 4 Strands) 2” (50 mm) inch radius 1” (25 mm) radius
Inside plant 15 times OD 10 times OD
Outside Plant 20 times OD 10 times OD

Source: EIA/TIA 568 Standard for Fiber Optics

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