Posted for DCP by Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.
As companies consider data center expansion, Europe is often at the top of their wish list. But selecting the best location can be a daunting task. The experts at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) have some advice for companies who are starting the site selection process. Here are five tips on what every good data center location should have:
  1. Network Accessibility. Some countries are more wired than others. An ideal location should have a high level of connectivity and an advanced digital infrastructure. Superior broadband speed, and a high percentage of internet accessibility and internet use, are also indicators of a country’s IT capabilities.
  2. Power Infrastructure. A brownout or blackout can be catastrophic to a data center. It is important to choose a location that has a superior, secure, modern, power infrastructure. Another consideration is the local government’s investment and dedication to power technology upgrades and innovations.
  3. Data Security. Research locations where the local government has made it a priority to establish a safe, secure and resilient cyber environment. Steer clear of countries where political or economic unrest may affect the country’s overall stability.
  4. Skilled Workforce. A highly-educated, multi-lingual local workforce is a distinct advantage. A high percentage of English-speaking population will also help smooth the transition for companies entering Europe for the first time.
  5. Business Advantages. A competitive tax regime and pro-business policies are important factors for any business expanding to Europe. Look for a country that is committed to reducing red tape and administrative costs.
Companies such as Google, Oracle and Cisco have chosen to locate their European data centers in the Netherlands because of its high marks in these five areas. Terremark, a Verizon subsidiary, recently opened its first European data center at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
“The Netherlands had several important advantages to offer. In the first place, the Netherlands has a relatively favorable commercial climate,” says Eric Lisica, VP of Data Center Services Europe at Terremark. “But in addition to that, the colocation market is better developed here than in other European countries. Finally, the fact that practically all the large carriers have a location in the Netherlands was a major factor in our decision.”
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