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As a PR executive, you most likely have multiple applications on your device to help with your productivity. The catch is that productivity isn’t just limited to things like scheduling and email. For a PR exec to operate at their best, they must have access to applications that can help them do what they need to at the tap of a button.

Naturally, several app developers have realized that offerings for productivity apps can be vastly improved and have set about doing so. To get insight into these applications, we asked 16 industry experts from Forbes Agency Council about the productivity apps that they couldn’t see themselves functioning without. Their responses are below.

1. Asana

So much of PR is about the follow-up – checking in with editors, sending over details and supplemental information, confirming publish dates, etc. Asana is a great tool to organize tasks by projects. As CEO, I love that I can pop onto a client project and get a sense of what we have going on for our clients. It keeps us organized and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. – Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

2. Boomerang

Boomerang is my must-have app. For Gmail users, it’s a free Chrome extension and allows you to “boomerang” emails back to you that are time-sensitive, set reminders for follow-ups and tasks, and more. – Ilissa Miller, IMiller Public Relations.

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