When, Not If: SD-WAN and Enterprise Business in 2017

By Sander Barens, VP Commercial Development, Expereo [...]

8 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving A Data Center…

Originally posted on Kip & Gary by Diane Alber A colleague of mine, Blaine Berger, just authored an awesome book, “What Everybody Ought To Know Before Moving a Data Center”.  There was a great deal of relevant information that [...]

Hyper-Convergence Market Overview and Definition

By: Kiran Sreenivasamurthy, Director of Product Management & Product Marketing, Maxta Hyper-Convergence Experts have noted that the storage space has not seen much innovation in the past decade.  As many enterprise data center technologies have gone through [...]

6 Considerations for Picking the Right Online Data Backup or Cloud Storage Service

By Morgan O’Mara, Content Coordinator, Record Nations One of the main questions people ask when considering switching to cloud services is, “Who owns the data in cloud storage?” This can be a major concern for businesses that require ultimate [...]

Software-Defined Storage is a Game-Changer, but not yet a Game-Winner

By: Steven Lamb, CEO, ioFABRIC  The increasing interest in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) to reduce data center complexity is helping companies increase business agility and realize a better return on investment. It’s being called – and rightly [...]

5 Tips for better Storage Performance by implementing Top-Of-The-Line Hardware Solutions

By: Phillip Roberto, CEO of Savage IO In a quest for improved efficiency, higher performance and maximized storage utility, organizations operating in increasingly demanding IT environments continue to deploy expensive proprietary products or ineffective heterogeneous hardware/software solutions [...]

The Five P’s of DITA Implementations: Lessons from Successful Initiatives

By Naveh Greenberg, Director, US Defense Development, DCL The world of converting and managing content is complex… all the more so when you choose to move to a standard such as Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). [...]

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