For Small Businesses, Exchange Server Hosting Can Be the Right Move

Exchange Server Hosting – Adam Stern, CEO of Infinitely Virtual, says: Today, owners and managers of small- to midsize businesses (SMBs) face tough questions about whether to keep IT resources in house or move them to a cloud host. [...]

IT Administrators Say 365 Command Reduces the Headache of IT Administration

– Stacy Mancinelli, Marketing Manager at MessageOps, says: The new 365 Command from MessageOps is the first web-based portal that simplifies execution of common Office 365 administrative tasks without requiring complicated coding that can lead to mistakes. The [...]

Combating Botnets and Other Malware

– Ron Kaplan, director of products, EdgeWave (, says: Why are EdgeWave’s Zero-Minute-Defense Email Security Solution & iPrism outbound botnet defense using ThreatSTOP technology useful in today’s enterprise data centers? Cybercriminals create autonomous applications called bots [...]

Boosting Your Email

– Joe Fisher, Senior Vice President of Product & Solutions Marketing at Axway (, says: Why is email security important for the enterprise? Protecting the enterprise’s most valuable collaboration tool—email—is profoundly important, as most business processes [...]

Enterprise Email Security: Choosing The Right Vendor

– Magi Diego, product marketing manager at Trend Micro (, says: As email continues to be the predominant method of business communication, enterprises need to ensure email availability without end user productivity drain and network security [...]

Email Security: Issues and Challenges

– Scott Cressman, Product Manager of Gateway Email Security and Data Protection at Sophos (, says: Today, communication happens in real-time so users expect email to be almost instant and any email infrastructure bottlenecks means that [...]

Choosing the Right Email Solution for Your Enterprise

– Toby Penn, CISSP, senior solutions engineer for Accuvant (, says: Accuracy counts. For example, if you receive 1,000,000 messages per week and your solution is 5% less effective than one that costs just a little [...]

Enterprise Email Security: Think SaaS and Minimize Administration

– Keith Crosley, Director of Market Development at Proofpoint (, says: Think SaaS to minimize costs without sacrificing security: Analysis from Osterman Research (available from Proofpoint free with registration here: suggests that, in nearly all [...]

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