Disaster Recovery

DR Preparedness in 2017: No Pizza Parties Just Yet

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry. [...]

Preparing for the Unexpected Requires a Viable Disaster Recovery Solution

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, An adverse event or outage at a data center can happen when it’s least expected, causing prolonged downtime and significant financial loss for an organization. Therefore, every data center needs a reliable [...]

Be Cloud-Ready for a Disaster

By Nick Russo, Chief Technology Officer, Host.net [...]

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is a Cornerstone of the Cloud

Originally published to Cloud Post by Shea Long [...]

Disaster Readiness & Recovery Best Practices

–Patrick Kerpan, CEO and co-founder, Cohesive Networks, says: Disaster Readiness Despite any fears, many organizations are using cloud today. Cisco reports that by 2018, 76% of all data center traffic will come from the cloud. A 2014 [...]

Survey Data Reveals the Current State and Challenges of IT Recovery for Businesses

– Daniel Kuperman, Director of Product Marketing for Axcient, says: It’s estimated that businesses lose billions of dollars due to application downtime and data loss. Unscheduled downtime and outages are detrimental to businesses of any size. [...]

Data centre disaster recovery to support business continuity

Data Center Disaster Recovery Recent adverse weather conditions across the UK have once again highlighted how factors we cannot control can disrupt business continuity. With 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-opening, [...]

Disaster Recovery Plan Keeps Your Business-Critical Assets Secure Bhavna

– Bhavna Singh, spokespoerson for Ricoh, says: Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are the terminologies that are directly related with each other’s functionality. When it comes on dealing with disasters, business owners generally count on [...]

Disaster Recovery: Choosing The Right Fire Suppression System For Your Data Center

Fire Suppression – Mariel Norton, spokesperson for GEIST, says: With fires posing one of the biggest threats to data centers, it’s imperative that these types of facilities employ an effective fire suppression strategy to limit the extent [...]

Illuminating Dark Data With Video Search, Analytics, and Management

Illuminating Dark Data – Ari Bixhorn, Vice-President, Panopto, says: There is no question—we are facing a data explosion. A recent study conducted by EMC and IDC found that the digital universe is doubling in size every two [...]

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