Constant innovation is at the core of the IT and telecom world, and staying ahead of both the competition and of user and business demand is no easy task. Exciting applications promise smarter, faster and more robust opportunities for all, but ensuring infrastructure can support these capabilities is key. 

On the network side, small cell densification has become king for ensuring 5G and related innovations across Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Practical use cases such as homeschooling, video conferencing and telemedicine require seamless delivery from the core to the edge and ultimately, closer to the end user. One of the communications infrastructure providers leading the way for digital applications is ZenFi Networks

ZenFi Networks is disrupting the connectivity landscape of the New York and New Jersey metro region, by delivering innovative communications infrastructure solutions that solve Mobile Network Operators’ wireless densification challenges and meet growing and evolving space, power and connectivity needs. 

Since its inception, ZenFi Networks has been building a new breed of network to support the evolving needs of this digital age, and among the company’s notable differentiators is its purpose-built fronthaul fiber. This network element was developed and designed with an integrated fiber, cable and duct assembly, which supports fragmentation. Featuring high-capacity fronthaul fiber trunks emanating from distributed colocation facilities and interconnected by accessible fiber branches, this fronthaul is the key to offering two seemingly irreconcilable network necessities: high levels of capacity and accessibility. This is what enables ZenFi Networks’ network to be leveraged at every manhole or pole top the fiber traverses, supporting applications and data all the way to the edge of the complex 5G ecosystem. 

This kind of disruption is what makes ZenFi Networks a finalist for Light Reading’s Leading Lights 2020 Award for Company of the Year (Private). With the category’s finalists featuring other eminent industry peers, including Altiostar Networks, Arrcus, Cohere Technologies, DriveNets and World Wide Technology, this award honors the privately held firm that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, makes investors proud and makes employees happy.

The Leading Lights Awards 2020 feature 13 categories and acknowledge more than 75 companies across 21 categories in the global communications industry. This year’s winners will be revealed on Light Reading’s site in August 2020. 

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