ZenFi Networks, an innovative, wholly-owned and operated communications infrastructure company focused on enabling fiber optic network, edge data centers and wireless siting solutions in the NY-NJ metro region, recently announced that Ray LaChance, its CEO and Co-Founder, was elected to the INCOMPAS Board of Directors. As a member of the board, LaChance will help oversee the Association’s affairs and activities alongside an array of eminent industry peers. 

INCOMPAS — the internet and competitive networks association — is the leading trade association representing internet, streaming, communications and technology companies, advocating for laws and policies that promote competition, innovation and economic development. 

“During the past five years, INCOMPAS has become more diverse, representing a wide variety of companies and business models that benefit from and thrive in competitive environments,” said INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering. “ZenFi Networks epitomizes the type of innovative companies we represent, using competitive fiber and small cell technology to deliver communications services. We are proud to welcome Ray to the INCOMPAS Board of Directors, and we look forward to his contributions and leadership as the association and industry continue to evolve.”

Leveraging his leadership experience and telecommunications insight, LaChance will help to guide the Association as it advances its members’ interests, catalyzing digital economic growth and technological progress into the foreseeable future. As a group, the Board of Directors supports INCOMPAS’ core mission of ensuring that competitive communications and technology entities can develop and deliver better service and enhanced innovation. 

ZenFi Networks is the leading and most innovative and experienced communications infrastructure provider throughout the New York and New Jersey metro region. To date, the company has built and currently manages more than 800 route miles of fiber-optic network. This extensive network footprint reaches 137 on-net buildings, connects 45 edge data centers and leverages close to 6,000 outdoor wireless locations. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining this association as a board member alongside such a rich array of thought leaders and distinguished industry players,” comments LaChance. “I look forward to working collaboratively in favor of the connected future, ensuring the connectivity ecosystem is thoroughly empowered and remains nimble and forward-thinking as demands grow and evolve in the age of 5G and beyond.” 

With accommodating support services, a world-class fiber optic network, a unique fronthaul architecture and a distributed network of edge data centers, ZenFi Networks rapidly deploys network solutions to support the expanding network access and capacity demands from carriers, service providers, wireless operators and enterprise customers.

To learn more about ZenFi Networks, visit www.zenfi.com