ZenFi Networks, an innovative communications infrastructure company focused on enabling fiber optic network, network edge colocation and wireless siting solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region, and PacketFabric, an innovator of fast, on-demand connectivity for enterprise customers, recently announced a strategic partnership. This partnership offers ZenFi Networks’ customers agile, seamless, cost-effective cloud connectivity.

PacketFabric’s software-defined network (SDN) — a highly scalable, private, Layer 2 Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform delivering instant and secure connectivity at speeds from 50Mbps to multi-100Gbps — enables ZenFi Networks to offer expanded digital capabilities across its dense footprint. As a result, the collaboration offers seamless and cost-efficient connections to all major cloud providers and further enhances ZenFi Networks’ footprint throughout the New York and New Jersey metro and beyond, expanding customer reach to 160+ additional colocation facilities across 24 global markets. This partnership also empowers PacketFabric with access to ZenFi Networks’ 1,100-route-mile fiber network to reach a host of enterprise destinations across New York and New Jersey — a market with one of the world’s densest concentrations of commercial business.

“We are excited to work with PacketFabric. Our mutual customer-centric values and entrepreneurial spirits represent a collaboration that will serve our clients well,” said Victoria Lamberth, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ZenFi Networks. “PacketFabric’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and their expanded global reach fortifies ZenFi Networks’ ability to offer enhanced solutions and services to our channel partners, our wholesale customers, and enterprise businesses within and beyond our regional footprint.”

“PacketFabric and ZenFi Networks share a passion for customer success. This partnership aligns perfectly with that goal by allowing ZenFi’s NY- and NJ-based enterprise customers to access automated XaaS solutions. PacketFabric’s automated Network-as-a-Service complements ZenFi’s already expansive and diverse network offerings perfectly,” said Jezzibell Gilmore, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of PacketFabric.

ZenFi Networks builds network architecture that supports high density and low latency requirements for wireless, wholesale and enterprise customers.  ZenFi Networks has deployed over 1,100 miles of fiber in the New York metro region with over 45 network edge colocation facilities, and specializes in communications infrastructure solutions through its dark fiber, wireless siting and network edge colocation services.

To learn more about ZenFi Networks, please visit www.zenfi.com.

To learn more about PacketFabric, please visit www.packetfabric.com.