laurie samper

– Laurie Samper, Technical Writer, iMiller Public Relations, says:

As Ireland continues to grow as a strategic hub for hosting digital assets, companies are looking for opportunities to take advantage of growth into this region to provide premium services to their customers.  Industry leader Zayo is no exception, making great strides into harnessing the potential of Ireland as an international hub, evident through its acquisition of Geo Networks on May 16, 2014.

Zayo, a leading international provider of bandwidth infrastructure based in Colorado, provides a full suite of lit services and dark fiber products to wireline and wireless customers, data centers, Internet content providers, high-bandwidth enterprises and government agencies around the world.  Looking to harness the power of hosting in the European region, the company recently acquired Geo Networks, a revolutionary London-based company focused solely on the design, build, and operation of bespoke dedicated fiber network solutions.

So, what’s in it for Zayo?  The acquisition allows the provider to expand into Europe with a significant fiber footprint connecting companies to end-users in the EMEA region.  Providing Zayo with over 1,800 additional miles of national fiber connecting 130 data centers, telehouses and key Internet exchanges, acquiring Geo Networks was strategic move to significantly expand its European presence.  As Ireland continues development as a digital hosting powerhouse, Zayo realizes the importance of harnessing that potential through direct access via the East-West Ring – which provides diverse connectivity to Dublin.

Dan Caruso, CEO of Zayo Group, reaffirmed Dublin’s value in a recent press release, stating “… diverse connectivity to Dublin is critical as it continues to develop as an international data center hub.”

As Irish digital hosting continues to expand, industry leaders such as Zayo are seeking a stable outlet to provide connectivity to this rapidly developing region.  Assisting in this continued expansion, Host in Ireland was recognized by Geo Networks as a key player in generating new development.  Acquiring Geo now provides Zayo with the opportunity to harness the vast array of benefits Ireland has to offer customers, opening the door to unique opportunities for an enhanced end-user experience.

To learn more, read the full press release here.