windows 7
windows 7

Bob Kelly, Senior Product Manager for Dell KACE (, says:

“While many (data centers) have migrated, many more report that they are in the process now which will help to move Windows 7 above Windows XP in terms of seats deployed over the next year or two.

I don’t think it is tied to any particular market segment, although I’d say those environments large enough to have more than a couple of dedicated IT staff typically lead the charge.

I have not heard any horror stories about implementation. The most major issues with Vista revolved around application compatibility. This did two things for Windows 7: it caused Microsoft to invest considerable resources and technologies in alleviating such issues and secondly it raised awareness while lowering expectations. Instead of being upset when one out of twenty applications fails to work, people are happy to see nineteen working. There is far more tolerance here. The visibility of such problems also has administrators taking care to perform more lab and pilot testing to identify expected issues.

Many Windows 7 management features (BranchCache and DirectAccess to name two) require Windows Server 2008 R2.”