– Bob Kelly, senior product manager at KACE (www.kace.com), says:

What will enterpises gain from switching to Windows 7?

Security improvements are probably the biggest factor for businesses. Security is not only improved, but also better implemented. BitLocker drive encryption is now a simple feature activated by right clicking on a drive. But outside the growing pains Vista had with application compatibility in the early days, user account control (UAC) was among the most unpopular improvements. While it did a lot to help the heavily attacked Windows OS be more secure, it frustrated people by popping up too often and without sufficient detail to let one make an informed decision about weather the action should be permitted. Windows 7 improves on this substantially: by default it only throws up the UAC prompt if something not initiated directly by the user requires elevated privileges.

It also offers improved performance and is better capable of taking advantage of today’s new hardware improvements—especially when compared to Windows XP. I think Apple has proven looking good is indeed important to users and Windows 7 (introduced first with Windows Vista) is smart about taking advantage of system capabilities when available to provide the experience. If the horsepower to pull of these interface improvements are not available, it can gracefully fall back to a “basic” user interface that still looks good but lacks some of “wow” factor sported by the preferred user interface.