Ritesh Patil, co-founder, Mobisoft Infotech

imgresCloud computing is widely used term, but cloud has various benefits. It is secure mode and gives access to the information to the user irrespective of the location. Thus, you need to upload your enterprise app on cloud so that your employees have access to them on their devices, remotely.

“To cloud or not to cloud,” perhaps, this is the most sought after question these days. Obviously, this was bound to happen since cloud computing has various benefits and is the most preferred way to save document and exchange them. However, there are few people who still have doubt against whether they should upload their enterprise applications to cloud or not.

Well, this question or doubt arises due to the level of security involved in it. No company would like to have any sort of security breach in their enterprise app, which would definitely hamper the entire motive of having it in the very first place. Thus, to feed your query, listed below are the reasons and benefits of having your enterprise app on the cloud.


Reason#1: Simplified IT infrastructure

The main reason why most companies are shifting from conventional ways of communication to cloud computing is reduced cost on the infrastructure. You need to ensure that your enterprise apps function properly, and in a way they would put pressure on your IT infrastructure. The best way to beat this is to shift to cloud.

Cloud is able to deliver you solution without any hindrance and smoothly. Those using your enterprise app can use them effectively without putting much burden on your IT infrastructure.

Reason#2: Increasing employees’ productivity

It is not at all possible that all employees are using one device. Some might be using Android, some iPhone and some tablet. With such vast differences on devices and OS, you would want your app to function properly so that your employees’ can get the best of your enterprise app.

This could only be possible with cloud as it allows your app to function at any device, easily. This implies that your employees are accessible to app on their device remotely and can work easily without any hindrance. Cloud-based solutions help your employees to work remotely and easily.

Reason#3: Reduced IT cost

Indeed! This would definitely follow the above two points. Since, your IT infrastructure is minimal and your employees are able to work remotely without any extra cost, your IT costs would automatically come down.

Businesses look for ways to manage their expenses in such a way that their output is far better at minimal cost. Opting for cloud computing is one such better and economical way.

Reason#4: Improved user experience

When your employees don’t have to worry about the IT set-up, when they can operate the app from any device, when they can work remotely, they would definitely enjoy. You need to ensure that your users, who are your employees, are happy using your enterprise app. This can be achieved by moving away from conventional way to cloud.

We may have various security questions for cloud computing, but it is definitely beneficial. Cloud computing has the least security problem, in reality, and is easy to use, which makes it the most preferred medium to upload and use information. So, what are you waiting for? Shift to cloud today and provide exceptional experience to your employees.