Originally published to TelecomNewsroom.

Within the sphere of enterprise IT, operating from a cloud environment has become standard. Organizations across the board are recognizing the advantages of switching to cloud computing, including better cost efficiency, mobility, reliability and disaster recovery. However, a crucial step in making the move to the cloud is considering what will become of businesses’ existing infrastructure once it is made superfluous by a cloud migration. There is often a significant amount of untapped value left in residual infrastructure, which goes to waste if businesses fail to create a proper disposition plan.

To aid businesses in the recouping of asset value, Liquid Technology, an IT asset disposition company, has created a new enterprise solution with a suite of services that assist with implementing these final phases of cloud migrations. The solution, CloudLast, provides customers with a multi-phase, multi-location hardware removal with no disruption to business continuity. In essence, the service streamlines and simplifies the entire process from site survey to turnkey company buyback programs. This allows IT professionals to garner every bit of value from their move and offset some of the costs associated with a cloud migration process.

CloudLast’s suite of services begins with an initial site survey, in which Liquid Technology technicians review a business’s equipment and provide a helpful asset inventory. This foundation sets the stage for the rest of the steps, which include planning logistics for pick-up and delivery to any necessary locations, deracking, packaging and shipping servers and removing cables. Liquid Technology even leaves businesses with a broom clean environment as they package and load all equipment for arrival at their warehouse. Secure and ethical destruction of data through CloudLast can be handled either on or off-site and include ITAD services such as hard drive shredding and degaussing.

Most importantly, Liquid Technology’s CloudLast experts ensure that all organizations receive the highest return on investment possible as the final liquidation process occurs. Liquid Technology is also eStewards and R2 certified, meaning that while businesses are optimizing their own ROI through asset retirement, their disposition processes are remaining eco-friendly. All equipment managed and disposed of by Liquid Technology and CloudLast is recycled safely and ethically.

There are a lot of facets to consider when making the move to a cloud environment, and even with a comprehensive cloud strategy, a business may lose out if these final steps are not properly planned and executed. CloudLast’s suite of expert enterprise solutions makes the move to the cloud seamless, simple, and secure.