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New technology pops up all the time these days. And part of staying connected, and competitive in business, is keeping up with the latest tech tools. SIP trunking is a relatively new internet based service that is use to promote and extend ease of communication via the internet. This SIP Trunk Service can be used in conjunction with other web-based services, such as video conferences and document sharing in order to quickly relay information within your company’s building, or around the world.

Important Terminology
In order to understand what SIP trunking is and how the service could be useful to your business, you need to know a few bits of terminology involved in the service. For example, VoIP stands for Voiceover Internet Protocol. You may recognize “IP”, as in your “IP address”, which is like your computer’s individual address online, explains DictionaryReference.com. Another important term to know is, “firewall”. PCTools.com explains that a firewall, protective hardware or software, or a combination of both, uses specific parameters to block material or access that has not been authorized from entering into your computer network.   “ITSP” is another useful term in understanding SIP trunking services. The abbreviation stands for” Internet Telephony Service Provider, Top10VoIPProviders.com explains that ITSP is a means of digital telecommunications that uses VoIP.

So What Is SIP Trunking?
Now that you know the basic terminology, let’s get into what SIP trunking services are and how your business can use them. “SIP” means “Session Initiation Protocol”. Typically, when you have a firewall set up to protect your network-which your business should have in place-the information that travels through that network can only travel so far without an additional gateway, explains Microsoft. What SIP trunking services do is all the traveling path of VoIP and other telecommunications information past the barriers of your network and straight to the clients, partners, and prospective investors who need them. In addition, an SIP trunk can carry user presence information, multimedia, and instant messages, in addition to other information. In plain terms, the service enables you to place local and long distances calls, with features like Caller ID and hold, right from your computer.

Benefits of SIP Trunk Services
An SIP trunk provider like BroadConnect USA can easily and quickly set up SIP trunk services to get your information flowing. SIP trunking, explains Microsoft, is easier to configure than a gateway out of your network, the service is easier to design, install, operate, maintain and update. This means you will spend less money on service fees and updates and have less inactive time on your network. All of these benefits mean you can conduct your business quickly, efficiently, and with all the best tools of the technology age, all while seeing costs go down and your company’s return on investment increase. Information is securely shared in real-time, which makes closing deals, providing exceptional customer service, and managing emergencies attainable goals.
With traditional services, you could call from one office phone, in network, to another office phone, in the same network. In order to make or receive calls outside of the network you would have to use an additional PRI service to accept or make calls from outside of your network-This is another bill. In addition, a traditional PRI can take in only 23 calls, if you want to take more calls, you need another PRI. With SIP trunks, you can simply add more channels to allow for more calls, explains Michael Cavanaugh. He notes that in addition, you can forward calls from one office number to another if one office is closed-this way you don’t lose important customer calls simply because there was no one to answer the phone.
SIP trunk services allow you to consolidate your internet and phone based communications, keep your technology updated frequently, and keep the lines of communication throughout your business and community open and effective. An SIP trunk can accommodate a near endless number of channels, so your business can have hundreds of phone lines going at once. You can also automatically bounce calls from one office line to another-that way if one office is closed for maintenance a representative in another office can pick up calls-maintaining and improving your company’s customer service. Not only can you use SIP trunking for VoIP communications, but you can also send instant messages and multimedia information in real time. With fewer delays, easier installation and maintenance, SIP trunking helps your business run smoothly. The simpler configuration also means the service can be provided at lower costs, so you cut your overhead and increase your profits. SIP trunk services are faster, more secure, more efficient, offer broader reach, and less expensive than traditional communication methods, so if you are looking to improve customer service, increase efficiency, grow your business, or simply cut costs, this service is the perfect tool for your company.