By: Daniel Freedman, Data Center POST

The growing proliferation of security and performance issues has spurred an increased demand from enterprises for secure, direct network-to-network interconnection to business-critical cloud infrastructure, SaaS providers and other enterprise partners.  Console’s revolutionary software and interconnection platform answers this call, providing a secure, simple, and faster way for companies across the globe to connect directly and bypass the public Internet.

Social networking platforms have made collaboration and connecting people easy….and Console now does the same for enterprise networks.

The company’s revolutionary approach to direct connect removes the complexities of configuration, specifically the need for organizations to become a global network operator with specialized network engineering and manual processes required to configure access to disparate networks.

Console not only enables direct connect, but has also partnered with industry-leading data center operators, Network Service Providers (NSPs) and technology partners through several Console Partner Programs:

  • The Console Data Center Partner Program provides a turnkey solution for data center operators to offer customers direct access to Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. This partner program provides the necessary support to make a data center Console-enabled as well as marketing resources to promote Console to their end customers. Data center partners currently include:  910Telecom, Hurricane Electric, Netelligent Hosting Services, RACK59, ScaleMatrix, and T5 Data Centers.
  • The Console NSP Partner Program enables NSPs to offer customers direct access to Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. Upon establishing a network to network interface (NNI) with a Console node in one or more multiple global regions, the NSP partner is able to offer customers direct access to Console. This partner program also provides NSP partners marketing resources to highlight their direct access offering with Console.  NSP partners currently include:  iTel, Metro Optic, One Source Networks, Online Tech, SummitIG, VeloCloud and Zayo Group.
  • The Console Technology Partner Program works with innovative, leading-edge technology partners to develop Console and ensure its interoperability. Current Console Technology Partner Program members include: BTI Systems, Fedora, CloudRouter and OpenDaylight.

In addition to the above referenced Console partners, you can expect the next wave of new partner announcements to be made in the near future!

To learn more about Console and request an invitation to the Console Partner Program, visit http://www.console.to.