Powered by DataGryd, the premier data center provider in Manhattan, The Interconnect Hub podcast  reveals the behind the scenes of global data  interconnection. Each podcast episode  features industry experts exploring various topics related to connectivity, data centers and the foggy ever-reliant cloud infrastructure we all use. For the inaugural episode, Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd shares what he’s been doing as the head of the single largest footprint of data center infrastructure in NYC.  Brown elaborates how the iconic location has evolved from solely telephone carriers in 1930 to interconnecting all forms of data in the present day,  the vision behind DataGryd, and what makes DataGryd so unique.

The Story of DataGryd

“The Interconnect Hub podcast is centered around the most recognizable address in all of data communications, 60 Hudson Street, New York” begins Brown. Originally built in 1930 and formerly the headquarters of Western Union, 60 Hudson Street quickly became known as the world’s largest telegraph building upon its opening. DataGryd, founded in 2011, revitalized the foundational groundwork of communications infrastructure to transform the iconic location into one of the world’s most strategic international data network hubs. The world class facility continues to implement the latest technology to provide enhanced global data transport and storage services for telecommunications, cloud, and content delivery network (CDN) providers.

What Makes DataGryd Unique?

Currently, DataGryd is the largest single footprint data center in the tri-state area. Brown believes that DataGryd is well positioned in regards to the fast growing industry trends, specifically as we move toward 5G. The impact of 5G will require more data processing, and that presents a tremendous opportunity for DataGryd – primarily due to its central location, affordable interconnection services, and the vast compute power. “What’s unique about DataGryd in terms of processing power,” says Brown, “is that we have about 12MW of power from a direct feed, which is very uncommon for a metro center. We are well-suited to provide those power requirements.”

What Can You Expect from The Interconnect Hub Podcast?

This unique podcast strives to bring awareness to the intricacies involved in powering the simplest action on your smartphone or computer and what a future of sophisticated interconnection technology will bring. Brown emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date on current industry trends as technology continues to evolve.  To learn about DataGryd beyond today’s podcast and the services that they provide, visit http://www.datagryd.com or tune in to The Interconnect Hub on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.