Evocative, a global provider of Internet infrastructure, recently announced that the company has consolidated its portfolio to one brand: Evocative.

Evocative’s data center footprint expands to Boston, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Seattle with 11 colocation facilities. The company has seen exponential growth in the last decade, which is attributed to a series of acquisitions including assets from Carrier-1 Data Centers, ZR Systems, Cyberverse, Krypt, VPLS Inc., Wave Broadband and others.

Arman Khalili, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Evocative, sees the massive benefit in consolidating into the single ‘Evocative’ brand. “Unifying all Evocative affiliate brands as one allows us to seamlessly share our full suite of services and capabilities, while driving differentiated value for our customers.”

With its organic growth and acquisition strategy, Evocative has quickly emerged as a leading enterprise digital infrastructure provider. In addition to colocation services, Evocative provides enterprise customers with a full suite of cloud-to-edge infrastructure solutions.

“Our Evocative brand consolidation provides us with a strong foundation to position our expanding data center footprint and services portfolio,” says Renée Lawrence, Vice President, Global Marketing of Evocative.

For more information about Evocative and its full suite of global enterprise-class digital infrastructure solutions, visit: www.evocative.com.