Originally posted to LinkedIN Pulse by Ilissa MillerCEO of iMPR, President of NEDAS and Founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance

As the world surges onward into the great digital future, it is imperative that the global community has opportunities to come together and discuss, learn, and collaborate on new ideas and strategies. As the world’s leading and largest IT congress, the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) has emerged as a vital component of the expanding technological world. With this year’s event taking place on October 6-9, 2019, in Yerevan, Armenia, more than 2,000 world business leaders, policy makers, innovators, technology gurus, and other delegates from more than 70 countries worldwide have already marked their calendars for WCIT 2019.

With WCIT 2019’s discussions and networking opportunities facilitating conversations about topics ranging from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to cybersecurity and climate change, it is here that the world’s leading minds will form and share the digital trends, breakthroughs, and solutions of the future. This year’s agenda features a broad array of distinguished speakers, as well as a breadth of opportunities to build networks among peers and thought leaders.

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