Data Center POST interviewed Colin Clish, COO of PointOne, a technology campus developer specializing in infrastructure-ready data center solutions. With almost two decades of experience in real estate development, Colin leads PointOne‘s real estate execution and strategic vision, as well as overseeing business operations. He has worked on multiple aspects of the development process, from project conception to asset sales. In the interview, Colin shares his insights on the industry and discusses his plans for ITW 2023.

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: International Telecoms Week is one of the industry’s largest and most important events for the year, what type of company do you work for and what are you looking forward to accomplishing at ITW 2023? 

Colin Clish, COO, PointOne (CC) Answer: PointOne is a data center developer with projects across Virginia. Our team is excited to announce construction has begun on the Network Access Point (NAP) of Virginia Beach – our enterprise-class, carrier-neutral 6MW data center and Cable Landing Station (CLS) on-net to the existing subsea cables in Virginia Beach (Marea, Brusa and Dunant).

DCP Q: The first ITW Keynote panel features some of the industry’s largest players sharing their perspectives of the industry.  What is the top trend that you and your company has its sights on, and why? 

CC A: As a developer, one of our core ethos is sustainability – so we always use these industry events to learn the latest renewable power and sustainability offerings.

DCP Q: What makes digital infrastructure smart and sustainable and what is your business doing to help bring the industry forward in this fashion? 

CC A: What makes digital infrastructure smart and sustainable is the technological minds and engineering talent constantly innovating and working on making the industry more sustainable. Our business is focused on vetting and testing new renewable power sources to limit the impact of data centers on our planet’s air quality and water resources.

DCP Q: What are you most looking forward to sharing about your company at ITW 2023? 

CC A: PointOne has a lot of exciting developments happening in Virginia, but we are particularly excited about the construction launch of our NAP of Virginia Beach – our enterprise-class Data Center and CLS in Virginia Beach, VA. We’ve felt a swell in market momentum and are excited to help the digital ecosystem in the Mid-Atlantic region.

If you want to learn more about ITW 2023, please visit: here. The event takes place May 14-17, 2023 in National Harbor, MD. 

To learn more about PointOne, check out their website here

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