Seán Glynn, Vice President of Marketing at CREDANT Technologies ( says:

Credant FDE DriveManager enables enterprise customers to realize the full value of the latest self-encrypting drive technology. While many corporate systems may have already started to introduce self-encrypting drives (or SED’s) over the past couple of years, the challenges of key and policy management have, until now, prevented their widespread use.

We integrate drive management, which provides built-in, high-performance encryption, within a single set of management tools for encryption technologies across the enterprise. So we have a single set of management consoles for IT and security teams to monitor, manage and report on encryption, along with other platforms such as Windows endpoints, smartphones, Mac’s and even USB thumb drives.

Credant is the largest enterprise encryption specialist in the world, and this product represents part of our integrated solution to managing existing encryption technologies as well as enabling enterprise organizations to take advantage of the latest advances in encryption – an essential part of any data security program.

This is the only solution on the market to integrate SED management with other encryption technologies – including software full disk encryption, policy-based encryption, Smartphone encryption, Mac encryption and removable media encryption.
As such, it provides the only way for a medium or large size organization, concerned with the risks of losing valuable, sensitive data – and of failing to comply with regulatory standards and laws affecting the broad areas of data privacy, security, retention, protection and accountability – to ensure their most critical assets are protected in the most cost-effective way possible.