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uptime-institutes-tier-ratings-explainedThe Uptime Institute’s Tier Rating System has been the standard in the data center industry for years. Despite undergoing several changes and updates, this tier rating system is used by many data center service providers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace,and also helps customers select a data center operator that can meet their needs.

While the Uptime Institute is a credible and recognized source, there are a few details and nuances of the tier system that can be a challenge for decision-makers to understand. For instance, before achieving a Tier Certification for Operational Sustainability, operators must obtain a Certification of Constructed Facility, and that can only take place after a Certification of Design Documents. This is one example of the many certification steps that a data center or provider must go through.

On top of this, each tier within the Operational Sustainability Certification has different levels within itself, including gold, silver and bronze. But what makes a Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility provider different from a Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability colocation data center? Today, we’ll break down the Operational Sustainability Certification, and explain the Gold-level certification.

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