Chicago, IL, USA, August 17, 2021Unitas Global, the leading managed network connectivity provider, announces today that its Unitas Reach™ high performance IP network has been named the Best International Internet Solutions by ChannelVision 2021 Visionary Spotlight.

Unitas Global’s high performance IP network is designed for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency. The Unitas Reach™ global IP network (AS1828) is architected with a unique strategy that directly peers to SaaS providers, content providers, and other Internet providers to ensure the shortest and best possible routing of data for Unitas Global customers. Wherever possible, Unitas Global’s high performance IP services are designed to bypass the Tier 1 ISP core and take traffic directly to its destination, traversing the fewest number of networks and interconnections.

AS1828 directly peers with nearly 5,000 IP networks, over links that Unitas controls and over which they can guarantee route, bandwidth, and performance.

“We are truly honored to receive the Best International Internet Solutions award highlighting the growth of our high-performance global IP over the last 12 months,” shares Grant Kirkwood, CTO of Unitas Global. “This award is a testament to Unitas’ ability to deliver value for customers through our unique combination of route optimized transit and direct connection to SaaS and content providers.”

Unitas IP leverages the performance and resiliency of Unitas Reach™. Unitas Reach™ is the first global software defined network (SDN) to offer automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location. Unitas Reach™ is engineered to move IP traffic to and from end-users as quickly as possible. From North America to Europe, Asia to Africa, Unitas provides high performance Internet services to any location using a flexible range of access technologies. The unique design of fault-tolerant IP backbone network  over a software defined Ethernet transport network, with diverse points of presence (PoPs) and peering points offers a highly resilient and lower latency alternative to traditional public internet services and multi-homed networks.

“The companies on this year’s list are highly resilient and resourceful, having made it through the pandemic while remaining on the cutting edge of innovation.” shared Berge Kaprelian President and CEO Beka Business Media. ChannelVision 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award winners demonstrate a unique ability to navigate change, adapt to shifting buying patterns and stay afloat despite widespread shutdowns and turmoil,

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