Data center managementOnly novels can have unresolved mysteries… Data Centers can’t. It is a fact that data centers are tough to manage with several challenges that begin right from the design and layout of the room, environment, power and cooling capacities, racking systems, server performance till the kind of resources within the framework. A small unknown factor can cause a major disruption to the entire data center process. Damage is huge in such scenarios. Change is constant and the same is with data centers too. Physical servers, routers, networks are all getting replaced with virtual switches and servers, unified architectures and cloud based applications. These set up demands end-to-end visibility and control. There can be abundant hidden mysteries. Whether it is a physical data center or virtual, cloud, you can solve all the mysteries with some simple yet powerful mobile apps.

With Bid data playing a bigger role, more and more companies have started recognizing the strategic value of data. Powerful views of a data center was earlier available only from a browser on your PC, but today with the penetrations of smartphones and with the availability of responsive mobile apps, technicians are relieved from tethering on to their PCs.

Monitor on the Go…Fix on the Fly

Mobile apps are becoming an essential asset for data center ecosystem.Monitor on the go fix on the fly Apps developed specifically for Data Center promises to give the required operational visibility in virtualized environment. Data Center Security Market is likely to reach US$11.77 billion by 2022, says a new report. Cost, sustainability and reliability of data center majorly impacts the efficiency and performance of any data center. Once this is addressed consistently, business agility is seen. Experts agree that Mobile applications can be the one stop solution for optimizing data center performance remotely.

Mobile enterprise applications for data center process are gaining momentum. These apps run well with unified systems. Innumerable Mobile Apps are developed for different purposes to manage Data Center to accurately detect and solve problems in real-time. Whether it is a prefabricated data center or a mega data center or custom built one, or even a virtual one, mobile apps are sure to give that intelligence to control and monitor remotely. They are versatile and time saving. Several types of mobile apps are developed focussing on data center management. There are Inventory tracking apps which enables the use of RFID tags in real-time, Device security apps, Barcode scanning apps to capture data transfer, office authorization apps, scalable apps that enable access to real-time information and so on.

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