Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Bill Kleyman.

One of the most popular concepts of 2017 has been edge computing. At DCF we’ve written a lot about edge from the service provider and network design perspective. But what do customers think about edge computing? Are they adopting it? To answer this question, we turned to DCF contributor Bill Kleyman, who experiences the customer viewpoint as CTO of MTM Technologies.

We see more services being delivered via intelligent mechanisms, bringing data and applications closer to the end-user. I’ve been working on a number of edge computing projects that seek to improve user experiences by bringing them close to key data points and giving them even richer content.

The good news is that customers already have a decent understanding of edge computing and what it can do for the business. A big reason we’re seeing more of these types of projects is the digital nature of our industry. There are more distributed users, who are requesting more services and applications to be productive. Many customers understand cloud, but also understand its limitations.

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