Originally posted to LinkedIn PULSE by Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, President of NEDAS and Founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance

In a recent interview with The Deal, Michael Morey, CEO of Bluebird Network shared how the organization continues to expand its data center footprint through tuck-in acquisitions. Morey explained his vision for Bluebird and his plan to become a super-regional player in the Midwest.

“It is my belief that fiber networks and data centers, when concentrated in focused geographic areas create more value than ones that are spread out,” commented Morey in the Deal interview.

Most recently, Bluebird Network announced its acquisition of ColoHub, a data center serving the Quad Cities market, now rebranded the Bluebird Network Data Center. The acquired facility is  the second in Bluebird’s data center portfolio, providing disaster recovery and an alternative colocation facility from the company’s existing Underground Data Center in Springfield, MO.

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