– Victor Alston, president and CEO of Ixia (http://www.ixiacom.com/), says:

Already a leading provider of converged IP and wireless network test solutions, Ixia’s acquisition of network visibility solutions provider, Anue Systems, contributes to our vision of providing total end-to-end testing and network visibility solutions for our global customers. 

This strategic move extends Ixia’s leadership in validating next-gen networks built with intelligent devices, wireless access infrastructure, the IP core network, and the converged data center. It benefits Ixia and Anue customers, shareholders, and partners by delivering both cutting-edge pre-deployment solutions and highly automated and easy-to-use live network visibility solutions for cloud networks, enterprise data centers, and service providers.

It also leverages Ixia’s core strengths as a network solution provider into the network and traffic visibility market. This expansion allows us to further help customers optimize their networks.

As applications increasingly run in cloud networks and large data centers, service providers and large enterprises need better visibility into application performance. Network visibility is quickly becoming an essential component of any network architecture design. It allows network managers to maximize the use of monitoring and analysis tools, and gives them otherwise unavailable visibility into how applications are performing.

Traditional monitoring solutions cannot scale to successfully analyze the number of applications, security threats, services, and immense amounts of traffic across wired and mobile networks. Anue’s Net Tool Optimizer solution connects data center and cloud environments to network analysis tools, allowing network engineers to aggregate traffic from multiple network elements and optimally filter the traffic monitored by each analysis tool. With the Anue Net Tool Optimizer solution, IT resources are maximized, network troubleshooting is streamlined, and network monitoring capacity is expanded.

The combination of pre-deployment testing/validation with post-deployment monitoring of security, network services, and application performance provides a more complete solution to optimize and secure today’s data centers and networks. Anue’s technology platform, coupled with Ixia’s strong market position, will create significant opportunity for Ixia to lead in the rapidly growing network visibility market.