– Bill Carey, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Siber Systems Inc. , says:

Hacking is a growing problem, and while security solution developers are always coming up with new ways to reduce vulnerabilities, passwords remain one of cyber criminals’ favorite ways to access private data. But you can make sure you’re not the weak link in your system by using stronger password security and login precautions. Here are five tips to reduce vulnerability:

  1. Use a strong password: Make sure your password contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters such as punctuation and symbols. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to crack.
  2. Make sure you log off and close your browser: When you’re done with a site, app or device, log off and close your browser. Leaving it open can make it easy for someone else to come along and access your account information.
  3. Never use personal information in a password: Hackers are adept at looking up data on social media pages about a target and using it to guess passwords. Never use the names of family members, pets, sports teams or similar data as a password.
  4. Hold users accountable: To keep vital business data safe, make sure users are aware of best practices by providing training on sound cyber security procedures. It’s also a good idea to put together a cyber security manual and have users read and sign it.
  5. Use a PIN or password on mobile devices: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the portal of choice to the Internet – and a favorite way for hackers to access secure systems. Be sure to set a PIN or choose a strong password for mobile devices.

Hackers constantly test system security and look for ways to gain access to sensitive business intelligence. Don’t make it easy for them – keep cyber thieves out by using sound security and password protection practices and making sure users do the same. A commonsense prevention strategy up front can help your business avoid a costly data breach.

About the Author

Bill Carey is Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Siber Systems Inc., which offers the top-rated RoboForm Password Manager software.