Todd Rychecky, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Opengear (, says:
Data center/IT Managers should look for remote management console servers that offer more than just serial connectivity. You want to be able to manage everything remotely including power and environmentals. Another thing to evaluate is the cost per port. This makes comparing console servers much easier. Finally, evaluate how flexibile your console server is. For example, how easily does it integrate into existing infrastcture? Does it work with Linux?
In a global economy, people want and need to access data centers remotely. Remote management decreases number of onsite visits by IT staff and is critical for quick resolution to a problem, decreasing downtime and saving money.
The Console Server.
Opengear is the only console server line built entirely on an open source platform. Opengear designs and manufacturers next generation console servers for secure remote access and control of routers, switches, servers, firewalls, uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units and environmental monitoring devices. Opengear also builds the industry’s first cellular smart router, which brings all this functionality into a small, cellular compatible console server.
Opengear’s open source platforms give network managers and system integrators the most flexible, extensible and secure remote management solution on the market today. We provide the virtual hands to access and control networking equipment in remote offices, computers in data centers and the smart device infratsructure distributed all over the world. Equipment can be remotely reconfigured, rebooted and power cycled.
Opengear’s extensive support for out-of-band management ensures our customers have access and control even when their network is down. The result is a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical staff, on-site visits and an accompanying acceleration of problem resolution and improvements in critical network availability.