Gregory Carter, CEO of Billing Services Group (, says:

TPV (third party verification) solutions allow companies to confirm, record and document customer orders and interactions. BSG’s VoiceLog helps businesses to certify the integrity of every customer order, as well as customers’ satisfaction after every call regarding their service.

Whether you’re looking to increase consumer satisfaction, create a more efficient sales process, or simply improve quality control and in-house training, your TPV partner can make or break your data center. Below are some tips on how to choose the right TPV and call recording partner.

Your TPV partner should be willing to tailor their products and services to quickly and smoothly integrate with your business needs. Your ideal partner should offer:

  • Customizable reports (daily and/or weekly) with electronic delivery options
  • Expandable system engineered to handle above normal call volume
  • Direct access to an assigned technical team to facilitate quick changes
  • Fast implementation – in as little as 48 hours

A competitive rate structure is crucial to a successful partnership. You need a TPV partner that lets you maintain your margins and deliver the range of services and support you need. A few things to pay attention to include:

  • No separate charges for: recording retrieval, web reporting, 24/7 help desk, FCC required storage
  • Low initial set up costs
  • Multiple languages at no additional cost

Ability to Grow with You
Take the time to understand your TPV partner’s full range of products and services – even if you don’t need them all right away. Here are several to consider:

  • Various product offerings
  • Live Operator TPV
  • Automated Scripted TPV
  • Call Recording
  • Agent review, callback and confirmation services
  • Staff fully dedicated to TPV

A good TPV provider has a track record of smoothly and consistently delivering cutting edge solutions to its clients. If your potential partner offers these fairly recent advances, you are on the right track:

  • Seamless integration
  • Redundant IVR servers
  • Digital recordings accessible via dial-in or Web

This should go without saying in the call center world, but you would be surprised. Make sure the TPV partner you depend on can check off these boxes:

  • Secured server room protected with waterless fire suppression
  • Dedicated management and IT resources with 24/7 availability

VoiceLog’s TPV services are optimized for many industries, including energy, cable and telecommunications, credit card processing, and health care, as well as other traditional call center settings. The BSG VoiceLog team’s experience, capabilities and history of innovation allows it to work with companies to find the right combination of services that meet their individual needs at an affordable price.