Liz Guinn, Marketing Coordinator of Construction with Roxtec, says:

There is a problem that exists today for electric installers to have ease and comfort, especially when in tight or awkward spots where cables and wires penetrate a solid wall.  The installer may be upside down, sideways, or on their back, and to get a good clean seal that prevents rodents, water, fire, and bugs from entering, the penetration seals like the ones Roxtec make, need to have easy tools to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

That is why Roxtec has developed simple tools from the start of the installation to the finished project to ensure the seals are as tight as possible.  As such, the Swedish brand has developed and updated their Roxtec Transit Software (RTM) for planning, ordering, and installing.  But for the smaller jobs, the Slide Caliper is a handy tool for easy selection of the proper module size and its adaption, which shows cable OD, along with notifying you how many layers to peel off in each module half.

The Stayplate clamps were developed for horizontal installations, which make for a much faster and more convenient install.  By fixing a stayplate holder, each finished row of modules and cables are firmly kept into position to prevent the modules from falling through the transit. 
For compressing the modules to a tight seal, there are easy-to-use tools designed to simplify without power.  One is the “pre-compression eccentric tool” which has a 3/8” square drive to fit most types of socket wrenches so when the tool is turned with the wrench, it compresses the modules and leaves room for more placements of wire/cable seals, or the “wedge” which finishes the job. 

Another pre-compression tool that is very simple to use is the “handgrip” that compresses the modules for more placements of seals or to insert the “wedge.” Wherever you are, the “handgrip” for standing installs, lying down in a small area using the “eccentric tool,” or using an open ended wrench with the standard pre-compression tool, compressing the modules has never been safer and easier.

Finally, to help finish the job the easy way, the “pre-compression wedge” made of aluminum, plastic, and rubber, comes in handy when you need to make room for the final step of installing the wedge during assembly.

Plus— feel free to visit the Roxtec instructional video page for step-by-step instructions to aid users using these tools: